Team GLFB 2017

Team GLFB's Daniel (on the right hand side) pictured with his brother.

Team GLFB’s Daniel (on the right hand side) pictured with his brother

Carlos, Daniel and Dean have made an absolutely fantastic contribution to the Greater London Fund for the Blind.

By running the 2017 London Marathon in aid of the charity, not only have they helped raise awareness of our work but the donations they have generated will help make a direct, positive difference to people living with sight loss.

All three runners were inspired to participate in the marathon in support of visually impaired people through a connection with the cause.

Daniel who’s been a supporter of the charity for almost a decade, saw the marathon as another way to help a cause close to his heart.

Daniel said: “At around 20 miles every part of your lower body aches with each bone juddering stride but then you look around and see all the runners with their charity vests on, see the charity volunteers at the side cheering you all on and you remember why you are running and that frankly a few hours of exertion is nothing compared to what a lot of people cope with and often conquer on a daily basis. To be given the chance to do something small to help such a wonderful charity is a great privilege.” 

Carlos’ father is a long-standing supporter of the GLFB and he chose to pick up the baton and continue the family tradition.

Team GLFB's Dean at the London Marathon 2017

Dean, Team GLFB, at the London Marathon 2017

Like Carlos, Dean is proud of his close family connection with the GLFB and wanted to help boost the charity’s profile and generate much-needed funds in the process. For Dean, the decision to run the marathon was also inspired by his grandparents, both of whom are blind.

“It was an honor to run for such a worthwhile charity! I am proud to contribute,” said Dean.

Please consider making a donation to Team GLFB by clicking on the JustGiving links below.