Talking Newspapers & Books

No longer being able to read your favourite author or missing out on the local news from your community can be a big loss. Luckily for many blind and partially sighted people talking books and newspapers provide an auditory alternative to the written word.

Your donations have helped fund many projects over the years to give people greater access to news and books and helped produce a diverse range of publications.

In the last year we have provided a grant to Talking News Islington to help them expand and grow their free services to 106 people in and around Islington.

Your gifts also contributed to National Talking Newspapers and helped increase the number of subscribers who can receive 250 recorded publications which are despatched in tape, CD or on memory sticks.

Bringing The News To Life

This year Talking Newspapers Islington (TNI) received a grant from the Greater London Fund for the Blind to help fund their mission to bring news to life. We sent Andy Naylor, our volunteer journalist, along to see the difference the grant is making to blind and partially sighted people in Islington. Here is his account […]

Walter had always taken reading for ...

Donations to the Greater London Fund for the Blind have helped fund the National Library for the Blind (NLB) for a number of years. Walter, who has been a member of the NLB for quite a while having lost his sight over 10 years ago, explains how important the service is. “When it happened’, says […]