Please donate to the GLFB this Christmas

For many children, Christmas is a time of pure joy and delight – it is the most magical time of the year.

Donate to the GLFB for Christmas 2014

Please donate and help make Christmas special for children with sight loss

Christmas can also be a stark reminder of how profoundly different life is for children with sight loss.

However, whilst we cannot give the most wonderful gift of sight, we can help to give blind children  the best possible start in life by providing funding for specialist education, support and care from nursery right through to college and beyond.

Sighted children learn by watching others; children with a vision impairment often need to be specifically taught skills and concepts they would not otherwise pick up.

That is why the GLFB is funding a range of tailored services including special, tactile nursery classes full of fun and creative activities to help children learn how to coordinate their muscles and movements.

Image just for a moment what it means for a blind child to be able to, for the first time, move with confidence and without the risk of injury to hang baubles on the Christmas tree. Or be able to join in during playtime with sighted children because they have learnt how to coordinate their movements. For a child with sight loss it is not just their first baby steps – it’s much bigger than that. It is the first steps to a brighter, more inclusive and hopeful future.

Special nursery classes funded by the GLFB – and made possible through your donations – could make all the difference to children like Timmy and Seema.

Seema was born blind and at the age of nine was still using her fingers to eat her meals as she did not have the hand movements and overall coordination needed to use a knife and fork.

The impact on her confidence was heart-breaking – Seema would only ever ask for sandwiches for fear of embarrassing herself during family meal times.

Now, after several months of attending one of our funded learning centres, Seema not only uses a knife and fork she’s also able to fully enjoy family meals. Apparently her face when she goes home from the centre is a picture of pride in her achievement and she is even trying new things as her confidence grows.

There is so much we can do – with your support – to help blind children get the most out of their young lives.

Please help us make Christmas special for more young people like Seema by donating today.

Will you help change a young life with a Christmas gift today?

  • £25 would pay for five individual toolkits to help children learn about spatial awareness and how to find their way around
  • £21 would pay for special nursery classes full of tactile, fun and creative activities to help children learn how to coordinate their muscles and movements to do things
  • £90 would cover the cost of a one to one support session to help a baby learn to play.

However much you choose to donate, your gift will lift the spirits of visually impaired young people like Seema, who will no longer have to miss out on playing with other children.

Christmas party

A GLFB Christmas to remember

By changing a child’s life now, you’ll open up their world so they can look forward to a better, brighter and more inclusive future.

Click here to make a special Christmas donation to the GLFB. (You will be redirected to the the justgiving donation page for the GLFB.)

If you prefer to donate over the phone please call our fundraising and supporter care team on 020 7620 2066.

Thank you on behalf of all the young people whose lives you will help change forever.