We are fundraising in your area on Friday 20 May 2016

Please stop and drop!

Staff and volunteers from the Greater London Fund for the Blind will be collecting in and

Geranium Day collection

Andrew and Tommy collecting vital donations to help fund services for people living with sight loss.

around London to raise vital income to help fund services for visually impaired people.

We have also teamed up with our nine member charities to make sure everyone who would like to donate their loose change – or better still, spare notes! – are able to do so.

Our team of collectors will be stationed across Greater London with their buckets and collection boxes throughout the day on Friday 20th May.








So if you see one of our collectors please stop, say hi! and drop your donation into their buckets and collection boxes!

GLFB street collection in your area on Friday 15th May. Please donate generously

Please help us make a difference to people’s lives by donating to our Geranium Day for the Blind campaign











A big thank you from all of us in advance for your kind donations.

Raj Bhayani, Head of Appeals and Digital Marketing